A purr-fect Job For New Wardrobes in Ealing

A purr-fect Job For New Wardrobes in Ealing

As we work in our customer’s homes we have to be mindful of their beloved pets. For this customer in Ealing we arrived to install bespoke fitted furniture which was a carcass wardrobe in smooth cream and in a Buckingham style.

On our arrival at 7am it was a lovely surprise to find the bedroom cleared for us with bed and furniture all moved ready to get to work.

However, the lady of the house was concerned about her cat so before she left for work we agreed that part of our job would also be to keep a close eye on her cat and text the owner with regular updates about her little feline friend.

This was an unusual request for us, however being pet owners too we totally understood where she was coming from and were more than happy to take on this extra task. The  cat was fine and even seemed to enjoy our company whilst we worked.

By the end of the day we had a very happy cat and on her arrival at home a very happy customer too. Which is the most important thing isn’t it?