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Are Over Bed Fitted Storage Cupboards Old Fashioned?

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A modern bedroom with over bed fitted wardrobes installed.

It’s A Common Question

Are over bed fitted storage cupboards old fashioned? This is a question that has been asked time and time again. Many people may think that these types of cupboards are old-fashioned and no longer relevant in today’s modern home designs. However, at DAY & KNIGHT we certainly don’t think so.

We believe that over bed fitted storage cupboards (also known as above bed fitted wardrobes) are a timeless piece of furniture that can add both functionality and style to any bedroom. These types of cupboards can provide invaluable storage space and are ideal for smaller rooms, or where space is at a premium. Making them a popular choice for homeowners who value both style and practicality.

The beauty of choosing bespoke over bed fitted storage cupboards is that they can be customised to suit any interior style and manufactured to fit any space. As style trends change over time, it’s common to consider many furniture items “old-fashioned” if they have been installed for a number of years. “Black Ash” was a very popular finish in the 80’s, but is hardly seen at this particular moment in time, even though dark colours are very on-trend.

However, it really comes down to your personal taste. If you have had over bed units installed for a while, then they may simply be due for a modern replacement, as apposed to a removal. A fresh new look that fits within modern style trends such as: {Shaker, Handleless, Dark Blue}, etc can make these units a very contemporary design piece.

Not only can these bespoke cupboards be manufactured to complement the design of your home, they can also be engineered to cater to the specific needs of each homeowner. You can have storage options that make it easier to find your clothes, shoes, and accessories, leaving your room clean and clutter-free. An organised room translates to an organised mind, after all.

At DAY & KNIGHT, we are proud to offer a range of over bed storage cupboard designs that cater to the different needs of each client. We utilise high-quality materials and employ the best techniques to ensure that your storage cupboards are both long-lasting and durable. Whether it’s a small or a large room, our team of expert craftsmen can create bespoke storage solutions that fit perfectly into your space, bringing together both visual appeal and function.

Over bed fitted storage cupboards are far from old fashioned. They are functional and can be very stylish when modern finishes and hardware are applied, fitting the needs of any modern-day homeowner. At DAY & KNIGHT, we are passionate about creating bespoke storage solutions that improve our client’s lives. Why not book a free in-home design visit and quotation to see how we can help you.