12 Year Guarantee

Our 12 Year Guarantee

We offer a 12 year guarantee on materials and labour (no-quibbles). There is also a 6 year guarantee on our vinyl doors and infill’s (labour is included if the vinyl needs replacing). The guarantee covers faulty materials reported within the guaranteed timelines. Deliberate or accidental damage is not covered.

Making A Claim

If you wish to make a claim, you must do so formally in writing and send it to Photographic evidence of the claim must be provided to allow DAY & KNIGHT to confirm the claim is covered under the guarantee. Should you be unable to provide photos, a site inspection will be offered at a cost of £100 (non-refundable).

We will confirm the validity of the claim within 14 days working days. Should the claim be deemed valid the £100 call out fee will be refunded. We aim to rectify all valid claims within 45 working days of receipt of the email reporting the claim.

Guarantee is subject to the following:

  • a) the furniture has been installed by Us or Our fitter in the UK
  • b) the furniture has been properly cared for and used as instructed (particularly in the case of high gloss and sheen furniture)
  • c) the furniture has been used for normal domestic purposes only
  • d) the guarantee is personal to the homeowner at the time of purchase and is not transferable
  • e) the furniture is not being altered or interfered with by any other persons not authorised to do so by Us
  • f) any repair work must be undertaken by Us or our appointed agents. This does not include the fitting, or the replacement of items listed below which are not covered under Our guarantee, any parts removed during repair works that are subsequently replaced become our property.

The Guarantee does not cover the following:

  • a) any damage caused by natural wear and tear
  • b) natural colour fading caused by prolonged exposure to sunlight
  • c) movement of wardrobe, infill or worktop caused by natural movement of the structure of the house for installations over 30 days old. This also includes the settlement of the furniture if fitted on top of a carpet
  • d) fittings of any small item, replacement for example handles, hanging rails etc
  • e) electrical and light fittings, bulbs, mirrors, and glass
  • f) door and drawer adjustments and caulking
  • g) refitting of the drawers removed from the runners
  • h) accidental damage caused by unexpected and non-deliberate action.
  • i) if furniture is required to be removed from the rooms structure the guarantee does not cover redecoration or damage to the flooring. This is the responsibility of the homeowner to make good, all consumables are required to replace faulty parts and will be charged for, and these include but are not limited to screws, filler, brackets etc
  • j) any fitting issues reported outside of 30 days from the original installation date