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How To Stop Damp In Your Wardrobe: A Guide By DAY & KNIGHT

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Purple gloved hand using a spray gun to clean and remove mould and dampness in a bedroom fitted wardrobe

Keeping Your Clothes Dry and Mould-Free

At DAY & KNIGHT, we understand the importance of protecting your clothes and keeping them in pristine condition. Dampness (or moisture) in wardrobes not only leads to musty odours but can also result in mould and mildew growth. That’s why we want to share our expertise and provide you with some helpful tips on how to stop damp in your wardrobe.

Tip 1: Ensure Proper Ventilation

Proper ventilation is key to preventing dampness in your wardrobe. If you have an off-the-shelf freestanding wardrobe, make sure it is positioned away from walls, so that you do not restrict airflow and trap moisture. Leave some space between the back of your wardrobe and the wall to allow air to circulate freely.

At DAY & KNIGHT our fitted wardrobes come with integrated ventilation built-in. This ensures adequate airflow for your clothes and prevents moisture build up. If your fitted wardrobes are built without ventilation, then you could look into adding some basic air vents yourself. These are commonly available in most good DIY stores and only require some basic tools and DIY skills.

Tip 2: Avoid Overcrowding

We all love our clothes and want to display them proudly in our wardrobes. However, over filling your wardrobe can restrict airflow and create an environment perfect for moisture and stale air to spread. Allow space for your clothes to breathe and consider decluttering your wardrobe periodically to prevent excessive moisture and stale air build-up. Check out this great article for some top tips on how to organise and declutter your wardrobe.

Tip 3: Dehumidifiers & Moisture-Absorbing Materials

Additionally, you can use a dehumidifier (or moisture absorber) to remove excess moisture from the air in the room. Remember to check and empty the dehumidifier (or replace the moisture absorber) regularly to keep it effective. If your home gets a lot of condensation in the winter months then dehumidifiers can really help.

To further combat dampness problems, consider adding moisture-absorbing materials to your wardrobe. Silica gel sachets or moisture-absorbing crystals can help to absorb excess moisture and keep your clothes dry. Place them at the bottom of your wardrobe or in discrete corners to absorb any lingering moisture. However, these should not be needed if you have a dehumidifier installed in the room.

Tip 4: Maintain Proper Wardrobe Hygiene

Regularly cleaning your wardrobe can help prevent dampness and keep your clothes fresh. Wipe down the surfaces with a mild cleaning solution to remove any dust or mould spores. Allow any wet cleaning work to fully dry before closing your wardrobe doors.

Never put your clothes away wet (or even slightly damp), this adds moisture directly inside your wardrobe, which is the very thing that needs preventing. Additionally, you could consider using wardrobe liners made from breathable materials to help absorb excess moisture and protect your clothes.

Tip 5: Check for Leaks or Dampness in the Surrounding Area

Sometimes, the cause of dampness in your wardrobe may originate from external sources, such as condensation, leaks or dampness in the surrounding area. Inspect the walls, ceilings, and floors near your wardrobe for any signs of leaks or water damage. Addressing these issues promptly can help prevent further dampness in your wardrobe. If you do discover a leak, or have a condensation problem in your home, then we highly recommend seeking guidance from a professional builder.

Your Wardrobe, Your Style: DAY & KNIGHT’s Commitment to Quality

At DAY & KNIGHT, we believe that your wardrobe is not just a piece of furniture, but a reflection of your personal style. We take pride in crafting bespoke fitted wardrobes that not only meet your storage needs but also blend seamlessly with your home decor.

With our meticulous attention to detail and use of high-quality materials, you can trust that your wardrobe will be built to last, resistant to dampness, and showcase your unique taste. We also service a wide area including: Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, Hampshire, Surrey and surrounding areas.

You Deserve the Best: Choose DAY & KNIGHT

With years of experience and a dedicated team of master craftsmen, DAY & KNIGHT is your go-to expert for all your bespoke furniture needs. Whether you’re looking to create a custom wardrobe or seeking further advice on how to prevent dampness, our team is here to provide you with exceptional service and guidance every step of the way.

Remember, by following our tips, you can keep your wardrobe dry, mould-free, and ensure the longevity of your cherished clothing items. For personalised assistance, or to explore our range of stunning bespoke wardrobes, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us or arrange a visit to our brand new showroom.