Transform your house with bespoke shutters

Discover space you never knew you had when we design and install bespoke shutters to transform your home.

Our shutters are all custom built and fitted, available in a huge range and variety of designs and styles.

5 year shutters guarantee

We’re proud and confident in our work, so with any work we do, we offer a no quibble 10 year guarantee.

Along with our highly competitive pricing, and first class customer satisfaction rates, you are getting the very best in bespoke shutters built by Day and Knight.

Shutters process

Our master craftsmen take the time to understand your exact requirements and create designs that take into account your every need. Combined with years of experience under our belts we’ve got plenty of ideas for building something that you’ll love for years to come.

From designing bespoke shutters to fit snugly into even the most awkward of spaces, to choice of colour and finish, we take the time to really understand your needs before carefully hand crafting your bespoke piece of home furniture.

Choosing a Material

Day and Knight offer a range of shutter materials. We pride ourselves in using only the finest materials, offering you the best possible solution for your bespoke shutters. The material you choose will depend on the finish you’re looking for and where the shutters will be fitted.

Hybrawood – A truly unique material providing shutters that are built to last. The Hybrawood range breathes high quality and durability. It’s ideal for everyday living. The outer bones of the shutters are constructed from solid hardwood, with ultra-durable aluminium core running through each of the polyvinyl slats making it significantly longer lasting than other entry-level shutters.

Basswood – Fast growing and ethically-sourced, Basswood gives a smooth, even-grained shutter  ‘all-rounder’. Its ability to fit seamlessly into any shape and sized window or door make it a popular choice for solid – but lightweight – bespoke shutters.

Ashwood –  Stained by hand and with the deepest of grains, Ash hardwood is one of the finest materials a shutter can be carved from. At Day & Knight we take care over every last corner of our shutters, that’s why we rag rub stain (or paint finish) by hand for that lasting, even finish.

Aluminium Core PV – The hard as nails shutter.  Highly durable and water-resistant, but looks just like wood.  Whether you are after kitchen shutters, bathroom shutters, wetroom shutters or shutters for a window that is prone to contact with water, our Waterproof Aluminium Core Polyvinyl range will not fade, warp or peel.

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