The Difference Between Fitted and Made-to-Measure Furniture

The Difference Between Fitted and Made-to-Measure Furniture

We are often asked what is the difference between fitted and made-to- measure furniture and it is pretty simple.

To give you an example a fitted kitchen may contain a selection of standardised 400mm, 600mm and 270mm units placed together to provide as much storage as possible. This can work beautifully well and is how most kitchens are built.

However, if your kitchen is designed and installed this way the available space is always going to have gaps either side filled with some blanking strips. Houses are not perfectly divisible by the standard kitchen unit sizes (unless you are extremely lucky.)

So a made-to- measure kitchen is where we design and build your kitchen units to precise, non-standard sizes to maximise the space available to the nearest centimetre. Maybe you want doors that are 423mm wide so we will go ahead and make them to this exact width.

This is the fundamental difference between fitted and made-to-measure furniture. To find out more get in touch give us a call on 01753 681495.