Recessed Handles a Contemporary and Stylish Option

Recessed Handles a Contemporary and Stylish Option

Day and Knight Grey Matt Wardobes

Handles often ‘finish’ a door, adding interest to what might otherwise be considered just a large flat expanse of wood. However we are designing and installing more bespoke fitted furniture with recessed handles which is a contemporary and stylish option.

If you prefer clean lines in terms of look the absence of prominent handles is a great way to finish a wardrobe or cupboard. As you can see with this recent client project the doors have beautiful grey matt handle less doors.

The more practical benefits of recessed handles include avoiding catching your clothing as you walk past, especially if space is tight in your room. The kids are not going to cause themselves an injury when they are tearing about the house and thirdly, they do not double up as make shift hooks for any items of clothing, bags or ties. You’re left with stylish furniture and a nice clean tidy space.

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