Tailor Made Lounge Display Unit

Tailor Made Lounge Display Unit

Lounge Display Unit

Today’s modern large screen televisions often become the focus of a room. So, why not use the space around it to house your library with a tailor made lounge display unit?

For book lovers this is a fantastic use of space because books are there to be read. Displaying books in this manner means they are more likely to get picked up and opened than when they are relegated to hidden shelving.

From a distance, the light wood we built the display shelving unit is understated, since the items on the shelves themselves will provide plenty of colour and we didn’t want to create any clash.

With our tailor made lounge display units we are able to design enough space around your TV for all manner of DVD recorders, gaming devices, satellite boxes, music systems and so on. We can keep all the cables out of sight and design and build drawers that are the perfect size for your DVDs and books.

As well as add the right amount of shelving to display your ornaments and knick- knacks that you want to be seen and on full display.

Our made-to-measure shelving and fitted cabinets are utterly unique and fitted with the greatest care and attention to detail and will bring added style and functionality to your home. To discuss how Day and Knight can help you take a look at our services here or give us a call.