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Living Spaces

Custom Designed, Precision Crafted and Fitted by DAY & KNIGHT

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Beautiful Fitted
Living Room Furniture

Living rooms by nature are used for the general living and enjoyment of the whole family. They’re a space that can quickly become chaotic and cluttered, with each family member bringing their belongings into the space.

The best way to rejuvenate your living space is by introducing smarter storage. Transforming it and containing that ever-growing mess. At DAY & KNIGHT, we are a WHICH? Magazine Trusted Trader and have over 20 years designing and fitting beautiful bespoke fitted living room furniture in Berkshire, Hampshire, Surrey, Buckinghamshire and surrounding local areas.

Bespoke Living Space Furniture

Made-to-Measure Built-in
Wall Units & Display Cabinets

The vast majority of off-the-shelf living room units will not maximize the available space in your living room. However, with DAY & KNIGHT, we can design and create your ultimate bespoke living room. Using all the available wall-to-wall space to display your most treasured things and store away that unsightly mess.

With our made-to-measure living room wall units, display cabinets and perfect width shelving, we can transform any room from libraries to home cinemas. We can design fitted furniture that can fit the most unusual of spaces, not just standard room shapes.

Made to Measure Built-in Wall Units and Display Cabinets

Recess & Alcove Units

Every room is individual and unique. However, it’s quite common for a living room to have an alcove or recess; like the space surrounding a fireplace. These spaces often become wasted and unusable, but that doesn’t have to be the case. At DAY & KNIGHT, we can produce a stylish, bespoke furniture solution to make full use of those areas.

All our bespoke living room fitted furniture is made-to-measure, in-house, using high quality materials and state-of-the-art CNC machinery. They’re affordable, maximize space, tailored to your specific needs and built to last. Our recess and alcove units will completely change the way your living room looks and feels.

Bespoke Living Room Recess and Alcobe Units

Stylish & Innovative
Under Stairs Storage

Some homes have staircases that enter directly into the living room, often open, with unutilised space underneath. Luckily, our bespoke fitted furniture designers are here to fix that for you. We can produce innovative, stylish under stairs storage to help maximize the useable space in your living room.

These spaces are great for mini cloakrooms and shoe storage, or they can even be utalised as built-in luxury wine racks. Perhaps you have a beautiful collection of books or other media to display? Well, we can tailor-make a piece of furniture to fit under your stairs that will do just that.

Bespoke Understairs Storage

Totally Transformed
Living Rooms & Lounges

More often that not, our clients are in need of a complete living room transformation. Or are a trade client (property developer) in need of something designed from scratch. Either way, the DAY & KNIGHT team of master craftsmen can make that a reality.

The service is all-inclusive and we tailor everything to your specific requirements. With the whole team dedicated in making your living room one that you’ll really enjoy. We are one of the best local fitted furniture makers in the market. Renowned for our first-class customer care and we have the reviews to back it up.

‘Bespoke’ Experience

Our entire service is completely bespoke, ensuring we can design and manufacture furniture that fits your lifestyle and family perfectly. We have four essential steps that form the heart of our specialist tailored process.

The Consultation

An initial consultation is undertaken to confirm we understand your project.

The Design

Our expert design team will design a solution that fits your brief and budget.

The Production

The production team will precision manufacture your design in our workshop.

The Installation

Your furniture is safely unpacked and installed by our professional furniture fitters.

12 Year Guarantee

Our 12 Year Guarantee

At DAY & KNIGHT, we are extremely proud of the quality of our furniture and craftsmanship, and provide our clients with a 12 Year Guarantee (no-quibbles) on all our fitted furniture. This includes all components too.

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Sustainability &
The Environment

Manufacturing any piece of furniture 100% sustainably is a challenge, but it’s one we are striving for here at DAY & KNIGHT.

Little by little we’ve improved our furniture’s materials, our production processes, our marketing & website, our packaging and also focus on only using environmentally conscious suppliers.

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