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How To Declutter Your Living Room

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How To Declutter Your Living Room

How Many Functions Does Your Living Room Have?

Unlike most of the other rooms in your house, your living room is typically a multi-purpose space. You relax, entertain, play, eat, exercise and maybe even more in this space, and yet we still expect it to be tidy all the time?

Given how many things a living room is used for, it’s no surprise that they can quickly end up full of clutter. But it doesn’t have to stay that way! With just a few little tricks, you can turn your living room from being a cluttered cave in to an open and inviting haven.

If It Doesn’t Belong There, Move It!

The living room is often seen as the ‘hub’ of the house. It’s where we meet with friends and family, spend time unwinding or doing activities together. Which means it acts like a magnet for all sorts of objects and belongings from around your home.

If your living room is feeling cluttered, start by walking around and gathering up anything that doesn’t actually belong there. If it has a dedicated place somewhere else in the house, put it there. If you pick something up and realise you don’t really need it anymore, donate it to a worthy cause or recycle it.

If you’re someone who’s particularly prone to leaving things lying around the house, the living room can be a problem. A handy trick we find is to say to yourself ‘don’t put it down, put it away’. Most of the time it takes the same amount of energy and time to put the thing where it belongs, so it’s an easy way to stop clutter from building up in the first place.

Upgrade Your Storage Solutions

If your living room still feels full, the most like cause is that you’re using the wrong kind of storage. A lot of ‘off the shelf’ living room storage is open, like bookcases or shelves – which is great for display, but awful for “clutter-hiding”. Instead, keep these surfaces clear or restricted to beautiful decorations, and instead opt for some fitted cupboards.

Bespoke fitted cupboards are great at keeping everything you need easily accessible, without it always being visible. Wall units, alcove units, sideboards and corner cupboards are all useful in storing your “cluttering” items and leaving your living room feeling clean and open.

You could also change up your coffee table for one with an opening lid. Switch to ottoman footstools that have an extra pocket of convenient storage. Install a bespoke bay window storage seat, or some sofas even come with hollow bases and lift up cushions for hidden storage. The key is hiding the clutter away.

Tame The Electronic Mess

Electronics are a modern marvel, but they can get very messy, very quickly! It’s all too easy for cables to build up and get tangled; creating an ugly “spaghetti junction” surrounding your TV. Add to that, the various charging cables and power cables needed for all of our other mobile devices and that’s an awful lot of mess!

A DAY & KNIGHT bespoke fitted TV and media cabinet is the perfect solution. They create a wonderful place to tuck away your electronics and cables, keeping them out of sight. This means that you don’t have to sacrifice any of your tech to get a tidy looking living room.

Just choose whether you want a floor unit, something wall mounted, or a surround system to frame your TV perfectly. Getting these designed bespoke means they can even be fitted in those awkward little corners, truly making the most of your space.

Keep Everything In Proportion

Even if you keep your living room spotlessly tidy, it can still feel cluttered and crowded. If this sounds like you, it might be time to look at your furniture. Having too many pieces in one room, or having furniture that’s too big for your space can make it feel cramped. So, while that side table might look lovely with a fresh bunch of flowers on it, moving it to another room can make your living space feel more open.

This also goes for your soft furnishings. It’s easy to get excited by all the different patterns and styles of cushions and throws to make your home feel cosy. But, if your living room is on the smaller side, these can make it feel even smaller, contributing to that ‘cluttered’ feeling. Instead, keep things minimal and in proportion.

Getting Help From DAY & KNIGHT

At DAY & KNIGHT, we love helping individuals and families free up space in their homes and making their living rooms a fantastic place to be. We do this through designing high-end, luxury, bespoke, made to measure furniture for living rooms, bedrooms and any other space where you might need storage. If you would like to learn more, just get in touch with the team to book your free design visit or get a quote today.