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How To Make Your Bedroom Feel Both Cosy & Big!

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Cosy & Big Bedroom

Does your bedroom feel stark or small?

When you think of your perfect bedroom, what do you think of? Most of us would think of a space that’s personalised to us, full of things that make us feel happy, comfortable and relaxed. After all, that’s what bedrooms are for, and we spend around a third of our life sleeping in these rooms.

If you have a smaller bedroom or one that’s a bit oddly shaped, it can be a challenge to make it feel cosy without it also feeling cramped. So, today we’re going to share some of our top tips to help you create the perfect cosy, but spacious feeling bedroom.

Creating The “Cosy

How much time do you spend in your bedroom?

First things first, don’t skimp on your bedding! Astonishingly, did you know that we spend around 2920 hours a year sleeping in those sheets? So you deserve to be comfortable. We’re talking multiple deluxe pillows, a feather-light (but thick) duvet, a variety of lovely squidgy cushions and some soft throws will create that perfect “nest” for yourself.

That level of comfort shouldn’t stop at the bed either. Incorporating lots of different textures and fabrics into a room can have a huge impact on the overall feeling of the space. Whether it’s a blanket draped across the back of a chair, mix and match throw cushions placed on window seats, or a big fluffy rug, use them to create “warmth” throughout the room.

Soft warm colour lighting is essential

Warm, ambient soft lighting is your “best friend” when it comes to creating cosiness in any room. You could also opt for lampshades with deep, dark colours, generating a more moody feel. Try to choose lightbulbs that aren’t too harsh (that’s anything listed as cool white), as these make everything feel quite stark. Soft, warm lighting = good cosy vibes!

If you can, ditch the overhead light and add a few different ambient lamps jotted around the room instead. You can also experiment with artificial candles and fairy lights, both of which can make a space feel more relaxing, intimate and comfortable.

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Going natural and bringing the outside inside

One of our favourite things to do to create a cosy space is introducing touches of wood, ideally real wood (that’s sustainably sauced). Choosing a feature wall and lining it with timber cladding, oak panelling or even wood patterned wallpaper can instantly give you that snuggly woodland cabin feeling. Especially if you pair it with strategically placed calming house plants, wooden furnishings and soft light, like candlelight.

Colour really matters

Finally, don’t be afraid to experiment with colour, particularly natural colours. Normally we suggest avoiding white. Having white everywhere can leave a room feeling cold and stark (minimalist). However, white on your walls (and furniture) is fine as backdrop providing you have lots of warm coloured accessories in the room. We suggest adding natural toned chunky knitted throws, thick textured curtains, great bed linen and soft rugs to insert colour and help make your room feel cosier.

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Making It “Bigger”

Cosy doesn’t always mean small

Of course, cosy doesn’t have to equal small and cramped. It’s totally possible to have a beautiful bedroom that feels warm and comforting, but also spacious – you just have to get a little creative!

One of the best changes you can make is installing a fitted, sliding mirror door wardrobe. This makes your space feel more open as the mirrored doors reflect the internal space and create the illusion of the room being bigger as a result. It’s a common trick used by interior designers for small rooms. Moreover, sliding doors require less opening space when compared with folding doors.

This solution is perfect if you have an awkward corner or alcove in the room, as fitted wardrobes can be designed to fit the space without any awkward corners sticking out. They can also be designed to include clever integrated storage systems, enabling you to de-clutter your bedroom and free up more floor space.

Didn’t we already mention Colour?

Just like using colour to make a room feel cosy, you can also use it to make a room feel bigger. Lighter colours reflect more light, making the space seem brighter and roomier. If you have coving around your ceiling you can even paint this a slightly lighter colour than the walls to amplify this effect.

Alternatively, if you’re feeling daring, you could paint the ceiling with a darker colour, which draws the eye up and gives the illusion of height – even if your room doesn’t have high ceilings! You really can achieve a lot with the right colour paint.

Choose your furniture wisely

Generally opting for fitted, minimalistic bespoke furniture will also help you achieve that airy feeling, because not only does it decrease clutter, it keeps the middle of the room clear, which in turn makes it feel much bigger. Shelves, wardrobes, dressing tables, organisational storage and even beds can all be designed and built to fit your space; keeping everything feeling cosy, but looking spacious.

The “Van Life” Movement

Masters of all these techniques are those embracing “Van Life”, where making a space feel both cosy and spacious is imperative. All these tips can be seen implemented in thousands of cool, clever campers on a regular basis. There are some particularly great examples to see on Instagram, simply search “#vanlife” and get inspired!

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Why not check out DAY & KNIGHT’s Instagram channel too to see some examples of our space creating furniture ideas and completed works?

Need Help?

At DAY & KNIGHT we specialise in creating the perfect bespoke bedroom furniture for you. Our experienced craftsmen can assess your room and create made to measure furniture solutions that are unique to your space and personal needs. You will never need to settle for poor quality, wobbly, flat pack furniture again. If you would like to know more, just get in touch with the team to book your free design visit or get a quote today.